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A mower does a lot more than cut the grass. That is true whether going for the energy of a gas engine walk behind mower or one built with a quiet electric motor and lithium-ion battery. The proper mower can save you money by letting you handle the work yourself. It will make the work as nice as possible and offer the satisfaction of a well-cut lawn. Whenever there are buds, seeds, and leaves on the lawn, a mower can be a cleanup tool. Get Best Black Friday Deals and sales on Lawn Mower.

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So before you get a mower, consider what you’re expecting from it. There are mowers that master versatility, speed, toughness, quietness (battery mowers specifically), convenience, durability, and raw power.

We keep all of this at heart but we always make certain that any mower is first a reliable cutter. A shiny new mower with a sharp blade should leave a lawn looking like velvet.

How We Test
Decades of mower testing have taught us how important it really is to talk to persons and get their applying for grants mower performance. That’s why we speak to homeowners, engineers and product-developers. We also prefer to get out with persons to observe how they mow.

We test mowers accurately how persons utilize them. We mow turf grasses such as for example Bluegrass and fescue at a course, at commercial buildings, and at homes. We also perform a tall-grass test, where we walk the mower into tall, non-turf grass and weeds to observe how it handles that. If it can poorly, it’s not really a check mark against it. If it can well, it accrues bonus points.

We mow hills, flats, and cut around flower beds, rocks and trees, and we test every function a mower performs whether bagging, mulching, or side discharge. When we’re done, we’ve a good notion of what any mower will handle. Here’s our report; happy mowing!

Best Electric for Large Yards


Cutting width: 21 inches
Voltage: 56

Normally, the fact a mower is full size (21-inch deck) works against its capability to be stored. But EGO’s awesome professional design permits incredibly rapid and compact storage with a forward-folding handle that telescopes down and practically disappears. Its sloping nose permits better reach under low-hanging shrubs and in addition increases its storage ability, and can roll under another thing in the garage or shed, like another little bit of outdoor power equipment. And its own single-lever height adjustment helps in the yard and lets you drop the deck in seconds for quick and convenient storage.

That is a beauty of a mower, with a cast aluminum deck and a smooth-running Honda GCV160 engine. It’s both an efficient bagger and mulcher, even in moist grass, we found. Built with rear-wheel drive and the non-public Pace system (the further you push down on the drive bar the faster the mower goes), it’s a powerful hill climber and moderately effective on sidehill cutting. It has normal height (7-1/2 inch) tires on all corners, so it’s likely to boost and down somewhat on washboard surfaces, however the very good news is that it’s built with a far top quality tire than we’re used to seeing nowadays. We didn’t notice any grass pickup on moist surfaces. Other features we like include its forward fold handle and a high-quality grass bag that loads through the handle, from the most notable.

Toro pioneered the wide-cut residential mower and that experience is evident here. That is a thoroughly-engineered and well-behaved mower that’s surprisingly simple to use, especially for a thing that weighs just as much as this does. The TimeMaster employs Toro’s well-regarded Personal Pace speed control. Push forward on the handle to help make the mower go faster; its top speed is 4.5 mph, so that it is among the most effective mowers we tested. Other well-designed features: two-lever height control, a forward-fold handle for smaller sized storage, and a huge grass bag. Its speed and simplicity make it suitable to broad suburban lawns, less so for push-pull and pivoting cuts in tight spots. The Toro is an able and powerful hill climber, we found, but didn’t do particularly well in side hill applications. Those are small asides, though. That is a thoroughly outstanding product suitable for the suburbs and a number of users.

Bagging, Mulching or Side Discharge?

Virtually all mowers today mulch and bag, some also side discharge. The common user is most beneficial served by a mower with strong mulching performance. Mulching is an activity where clippings are recut repeatedly and discharged beneath the deck. As the clippings decay, they return nitrogen to the soil, which increases grass health. A side benefit is that mulching will not need you to dump clippings somewhere and compost them. Alternatively, bagging clippings leaves about as clean a lawn surface since you can have-thus reducing clippings that gets stepped in to the house. Mowers in side discharge mode shoot clippings out the medial side of the deck. Utilize this in tall grass or when mowing non-lawn areas-the windrows formed by the clippings are ugly and may kill stripes

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