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The look of the UJ7700 is fairly basic, but there are always a handful of nice touches. IT looks quite sleek, with accented edges and a simple stand however the design is obviously a step down from the 2016 UH7700. The stand is nearly as wide as it, which may be a concern for all those with narrow tables. IT comes with an average thickness but unfortunately, some inputs out the trunk may be difficult to gain access to if positioned near a wall. Get LED Tv in this black friday and cyber monday sales and deals

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The stand is nearly as wide as it itself, which might be an issue for all those with smaller tables. It looks quite good though and does support it well.

The rear of it is comparable to the 6 series LG TVs from 2016 including the UH6500. It really is reflective and attracts fingerprints. Lots of the inputs face out the trunk of the TV which might make them difficult to gain access to if positioned near a wall.

Picture Quality

The native contrast ratio of the LG UJ7700 is substandard for an LED TV but is related to other IPS TVs. When occur a dark room, the reduced contrast ratio makes blacks look more grayish than really black, rendering dark scenes a bill dull and washed-out. That is somewhat less problematic when it is defined in a bright room because the ambient light could make the reduced contrast ratio somewhat less noticeable.

With local dimming fired up, the contrast ratio stays a comparable and this is because of the poor performance of the local dimming feature.

Backlight Edge

The neighborhood dimming on the LG UJ7700 is bad. The amount of zones is low and each zone spans over a sizable vertical area. The reaction time isn’t the quickest we’ve seen and when fired up in SDR, the neighborhood dimming dims the complete screen. Looking at our test video, you can view that small highlights get dimmed a whole lot. Looking at other aspects that are damaged by the neighborhood dimming, just like the contrast ratio and the black uniformity, it really is clear that the implementation of the local dimming isn’t the best which is common to many other edge-lit LED TVs. Because of this TV in particular, the neighborhood dimming may cause more harm than good if activated, so that it could be an improved idea to carefully turn if off or just set it to ‘Low’ if you really want to utilize this feature.

Mediocre SDR peak brightness in the ‘Expert (Dark Room)’. The TV’s local dimming dims highlights in dark scenes in SDR content, instead of making them brighter enjoy it does for HDR content, so we recommend disabling it. The ‘Expert (Dark Room)’ picture mode, while providing the most options to adapt the picture, is sadly quite dim. The ‘Expert (Bright Room)’ and ‘Cinema’ picture modes are also dim, but thankfully the ‘Standard’ and “Game” picture modes are much brighter. A plot of brightness as time passes in the ‘Expert (Dark Room)’ and ‘Standard’ picture modes is proven here.

Decent HDR peak brightness, though much less bright as most top quality TVs. The TV’s worst case brightness continues to be fairly bright, and local dimming helps it make small highlights in dark scenes even brighter, as displayed by our smaller window tests. The 2% white window may be the brightest test, while on last year’s UH7700 it had been the dimmest, indicating completely different local dimming behavior. However, we recommend disabling local dimming as upon this TV it adds a whole lot of obvious blooming. A plot of brightness as time passes is demonstrated here.

The gray uniformity could possibly be better on the LG UJ7700. Looking at the 50% gray uniformity test picture, large darker bands are obvious and both sides are also darker. Watching our sports test clip through the testing, dirty screen effect is seen, and this in a variety of sports like hockey and soccer.

Looking at the 5% gray test picture, very little stands out and the entire picture looks pretty even, that is a good thing.

The UJ7700 overall black uniformity is bad. When the neighborhood dimming is switched off, the screen is pretty despite having only somewhat more clouding in the upper right region plus the top edge is somewhat brighter. Note here that the test picture does look more grayish than really black, however the black uniformity test isn’t about the amount of black but more the evenness of the black.

When the neighborhood dimming is fired up, the black uniformity is quite bad, as you can plainly see on our test picture. You will find a lot of blooming nearby the white cross of our test image, making the guts of the screen a lot more bright than both sides. For this reason the typical deviation number is indeed big in comparison with the native standard deviation. Because the local dimming is indeed bad upon this TV when set to max, it’ll cause more issues than if it had been completely switched off. In a case such as this, it can often be recommended to completely switch off this feature.

The calibration process on the LG UJ7700 was somewhat longer than usual, especially while doing the white balance and despite having the 20 point correction, the low end cannot be corrected completely. The gamma was flattened to track more closely to your 2.2 target, but with a tiny imperfection that matches the reduced end of the white balance.

The colour space management on the UJ7700 was very good and the full total color dE was halved, which is great. Almost all of the colors, like the cyan, were tracking more closely with their targets after calibration. Ultimately, the calibration was worth your time and effort, since out of your box, it had been pretty inaccurate.

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