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The Logitech MX Anywhere 2S ($79.99) can be an uber-portable mouse with regards to both design and show set, sharing much in keeping with the initial Logitech MX Master and the brand new model, the Logitech MX Master 2S. Though somewhat pricey, it’s well-made, comfortable, and uses Logitech’s Darkfield laser technology to track accurately on just about any surface, even glass. The Anywhere 2S lives up to its name with a concise size and easy multi-device wireless paring, rendering it a high choice for travel-friendly mice. Get amazing deals on black friday sales.

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One for the street

The Anywhere 2S was created to be considered a compact travel companion first and foremost-the entire mouse ties in the palm of my hand. More precisely, it measures 1.4 by 2.4 by 3.9 inches (HWD) and weighs 0.06 ounces, best for slipping into your jacket as well as pants pocket. The materials don’t feel cheap, and it includes a nice heft for something so small, despite the fact that it isn’t at all heavy. Even smaller gaming mice just like the Corsair Sabre RGB Gaming Mouse are wider and longer (1.49 by 3.15 by 4.88 inches), and it’s really only slightly bigger than the tiny Logitech M325c Wireless Optical Mouse (1.54 by 2.24 by 3.73 inches).

Visually appealing, with an easy design, the rubber finger rests on both flanks vaunt cool geometric patterns, and the contoured metallic lines toward the trunk of the mouse give it today’s look. Our test unit is black, however the 2S can be purchased in white or teal.

The scroll wheel is ridged rubber in the guts and metal on the sides, and will be pressed directly into change its function. One mode permits smooth motion for hyper-fast scrolling, moving as fast as your finger can spin the wheel to fly up or down. That is best for, say, flying through an extended document or zooming back again to the most notable of your Twitter feed, and it feels oddly satisfying. The other mode may be the click-to-click scroll style, that allows you to go more precisely from item to item (on, for instance, a playlist or spreadsheet) and audibly ratchets as you scroll.

A power switch on underneath toggles the mouse on or off, and a tiny circular button permits you to jump between up to three paired devices. Once you pair with a computer or tablet (the Anywhere 2S works together with either Windows or Mac), you can press this button to change between them on the fly, and three indicator lights above the button let you know which link happens to be active. You can hook up with either Bluetooth or the included USB adapter, which uses 2.4GHz wireless, for a maximum selection of 32 feet.

Including left and right click, there are seven buttons on the Anywhere 2S, which are customizable through the downloadable Logitech Options software. The left side has forward and back buttons right above the thumb rest, as the scroll wheel itself can even be pushed left or right for a range of uses. Possibly the most interesting may be the square gesture button underneath the scroll wheel. You can assign sets of four commands to the button and control them with mouse movement. For instance, by default it controls your desktop, so holding the gesture button and moving the mouse up will pull up the Windows start menu, while left, right, and down will move between or hide desktops.

The software is quite flexible, to help you make the scroll wheel pushes (or the buttons) perform specific functions like pulling up the calculator, raising the quantity, and even executing a macro like Control-V to paste. All this makes another of the software’s features, Flow, a lot more useful. Flow permits you to move your mouse cursor between computers, as long as they’re on a single Wi-Fi network. This works exactly like once you have multiple displays, which is pretty novel technology, and genuinely helpful if you hop places around any office, switch between a notebook computer and desktop to accomplish your projects, or need multiple devices to work through of a accommodation.

You can also copy text and files across two computers using the mouse-just drag them to the other screen and paste, which is where in fact the useful customizable button shortcuts are created even more helpful. It requires a couple of seconds to transfer (more for larger files), nonetheless it removes the manual work of moving files with USB sticks, network drives, or emailing something to yourself. Combined with simple wireless syncing and three-device pairing, hopping between machines to keep your work is manufactured incredibly easy and efficient.

A micro USB port on leading serves as the charging port (a micro-USB-to-USB cable is roofed), and an indicator light under the square button notifies you if the battery runs low. Battery life must not be much of a concern, though, as it’s rated to last about 70 days on full charge, predicated on about six hours of daily use. That specific time will vary according to utilization but that is the ballpark you may expect, and if you be sure you plug it in even occasionally, you’ll go out of juice infrequently-possibly never.

Go Anywhere

The last important design aspect can be an internal one: the Darkfield sensor. While that may appear to be an ominous Lex Luthor weapon, it’s Logitech’s laser tracking technology which allows the mouse to track accurately on nearly any surface. Which includes very glossy and even glass tables (Logitech says it functions with minimum 4 millimeter-thick glass), with which laser mice traditionally struggle. Instead of using irregularities in the top to track movements, Darkfield uses tiny details to produce a “micro-road map” of the top and find position changes. The Anywhere 2S’s sensor could be set between 400dpi and 4000dpi at 200dpi increments.

The Darkfield sensor works as advertised, tracking even on glass surfaces without missing a beat. Although some surfaces are smoother for physically dragging a mouse than others, hopping from the keyboard deck of a notebook computer to wood to a glossy desk to my jeans causes no tracking or accuracy issues. It’s true that almost all of these surfaces works with a standard laser mouse, but it’s good to have reassurance for the casual awkward tray table, countertop, or dreaded glass table.

The Anywhere 2S does feel small, but I in the end think it boils right down to personal preference whether that’s a concern, because there is not anything inherently wrong with the condition or design. If you are completely averse to smaller mice it will most likely not change your brain, but I acquired used to it during testing. It could not provide full-size ergonomic support of something similar to the Mionix Naos 8200, but as a mouse meant mostly designed for fitting in small spots, it feels good. There’s a comparatively steep upward curve from leading of the mouse to the center of the palm rest, which adds support that helps mitigate the tiny size. The medial side grip doesn’t touch base under your thumb, however the concave condition of the grip is an all natural resting place. I wouldn’t personally choose it as my main desk mouse if it had been never going to be studied elsewhere as there are larger, more sensible options for that, nonetheless it doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

YOUR BRAND-NEW Travel Partner

In both form and function, the Logitech MX Anywhere 2S succeeds as one of the better travel companion mice out there. It’s somewhat pricey, so definitely not for everybody, as plenty could make do with a straightforward $20 to $30 alternative just like the Logitech Wireless Mouse M320, however the cost includes perks. The Darkfield sensor is genuinely useful if you often sit back for meetings or demos within an unorthodox spots, and its own small size helps it be better to carry in a bag or pocket, or use on, say, a tray table. Those features, combined with Flow technology and solid construction, make the Logitech MX Anywhere 2S an Editors’ Choice for travel mice. When you are traveling enough to justify the purchase price, you will not be disappointed.

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