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Longboarding is quickly increasing in popularity and since its begin from skateboarding, is rolling out into a whole sport of its. For beginners thinking of buying their first board though, it really is hard to find the proper longboard among every one of the top brands, different lengths, and various parts that all longboard comprises of.

My Best Longboard Picks

Before I enter too deep into longboarding, I usually prefer to just place the best longboards at the very top. For readers who are simply just buying longboard that looks cool or a simple starter longboard you can’t fail with these! For riders who would like to know why these longboards are so excellent, keep reading.


Listen up, that is literally the main section of the article. Longboarding is principally split into 3 main styles and an ideal longboard for you personally will be dependant on what riding style you want.


Cruising longboards are usually used as commuting or just fun-to-have longboards. In the end, longboarding is easier than walking and who doesn’t prefer to take it easy? Someone who wants a cruising board simply really wants to get from point A to point B without walking. Cruising longboards routinely have a stiff deck, loose trucks, and hard wheels.

Also common is a brief length of from 30 to 40 inches. These different facets get together allow a slim turning radius for these longboards that allows riders to create those 90 degree sidewalk turns and proceed through crowds easily.

Cruising boards are created to sort of feel just like surfing on land. They aren’t designed for very quickly speeds or for doing fancy tricks but they’ll offer you a great riding experience on a longboard.


Were you ever a skateboarder who hung out in the skate park all day long trying new tricks? If so, you could possibly be like learning to be a freeride longboarder. This longboarding style mainly pertains to doing tricks on longboards. Sliding is normally one of them category.Most freestyle longboards have lowered decks to create initiating a slide easier for beginners although there are a few exceptions.

I also prefer to include dancing in this group of longboarding. Dancing involves doing tricks on the deck of the longboard. A good example of a trick will be cross upgrading and down the distance of the longboard deck. Typically more complex riders enter dancing since it is a bit more complicated than basic freestyle method longboarding.


This for the riders who would like to go fast, the kinds eyeing their local hills just looking forward to their longboard to reach. These longboards typically include a longer and lower deck for added stability. If you wish some inspiration, research the most effective somebody has ever gone on a longboard. They clocked him at over 80 mph.

Now, you can’t review 80 mph on any simple longboard. Downhill longboards have special characteristics which will make them more stable at higher speeds.A lot of the best downhill longboards are seen as a their stiff deck and low clearance to the bottom. The reduced center of gravity of the longboard helps maintain them stable at higher speeds. For beginners, you should consider a longboard with a stiff deck or a drop down board.

While with cruising and freestyle boards, you may get a decent longboard under $100, don’t try that with a downhill longboard. The very best downhill longboards is a little pricier but this is the price you pay if you wish to go fast. Would you like be going at 30mph whenever your board just breaks underneath you? Investing in a bit more expensive board now can save you lots of time and profit the long run.

Exactly what is a longboard?

A longboard is essentially an extended skateboard. Seems simple right? Longboarding arrived of skateboarding as more riders experienced the activity and realized they didn’t simply wish to accomplish tricks. These riders wished to go fast.

To carry out so, the longboard was created. Longboards can range between 30” completely past 45” and usually the longer the deck may be the more stable and faster the longboard can go.

Longboards are created out of 3 separate parts(we’ll speak about them in detail just a little later) which will be the deck, the trucks, and the wheels. Each one influences the way the final board rides.

Building your own Longboard/Shopping for Parts

The main aspect in longboarding is the selection of board and parts. If investing in a complete board, you want the complete package: good trucks, good wheels, and an excellent deck as a base for the components. Buying individual parts, you can tailor the board slightly more to the needs you have by choosing specific trucks if you need to get started on fast downhill or different wheels if you need to begin sliding.

Regardless of that you want to do, you need to accept a very important factor: there are a great number of different parts that get into a longboard and there are always a ton of different alternatives for each and every part. I’m likely to clarify each part at length and when you have any questions simply i want to know through the contact page!

The only way you will build the very best longboard is in the event that you keep the objective in mind. Would you like a light and nimble cruiser for daily use? Simply understand that when scanning this and I’ll offer you each of the answers you need.

Longboard Decks

The largest part of a longboard can be probably the most important: the longboard deck. The very best longboards could have a longboard deck that fit’s their design of riding.

Board Shape: Directional vs. Symmetrical

Board Shape may be the very first thing you should think about in a longboard deck since it determines which way you can ride your longboard. If a longboard is directional(a pintail longboard including the best-selling Quest Super Cruiser is a fantastic example), it could only be ridden in a single direction.

Deck Style

The deck style may be the second most significant aspect to consider when deciding on a deck to find the best longboard. The design of a longboard deck influences the stability of the longboard, how easy it really is to push on flat ground, and how well it carves.

The deck style generally influences the guts of gravity of the board(ie. what lengths the board is off the bottom). The bigger the longboard is off the bottom the less stable it really is and the harder it’ll be to push for long distances. The tradeoff is that higher longboards typically are better at carving than lower longboards.

There are 4 styles which I’ll discuss. For reference, the deck style identifies the way the truck is mounted to the longboard deck and how its position pertains to where in fact the rider stands.

Longboard Wheels

The longboard wheels will be the last major element of the longboard. While less important than your deck and longboard truck choice, they definitely affect how your longboard rides.

To comprehend how different wheels affect the selection of longboard, you should understand the two 2 main characteristics of longboard wheels: the diameter and the durometer.

The wheel diameter is vital that you look into since it influences how fast you can continue your board. the overall range for Longboard wheel diameters is between 64 to 80mm in diameter with 70mm being the most frequent size.

Larger wheels typically have a tendency to accelerate slower but have higher top speeds while smaller wheels accelerate faster but have a slower top speed. Larger wheels may also be in a position to roll over larger cracks or pebbles in the street much better than smaller wheels.

When deciding on a diameter for your wheel, ensure that it will fit on your own board without triggering wheelbite! If your longboard has reverse kingpin trucks and wheel cutouts you need to be in a position to fit any size wheel. However on a longboard without wheel cutouts, you will have to put in a riser pad {in order to

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