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The super cool Marshall brand is most beneficial known because of its black and gold guitar amps. But in the last couple of years, it’s made a major transfer to the headphone and speaker arena, & most importantly, has were able to compete with a few of the biggest and more well-established music brands which may have been dominating the marketplace for decades.

Marshall has a type of wireless and wired headphones, we just like the Marshall Mid ANC and Marshall Major III Bluetooth headphones. In addition to a number of Bluetooth speakers, like the Marshall Stockwell, the multi-room Marshall Acton and the Marshall Kilburn, the speaker we’re taking for a try today.

Although competition is fierce in the Bluetooth speaker market, Marshall has dreamed up a variety of speakers firmly targeted at the look and style conscious, as much as those people who are focused solely on audio tracks specs.

Some fashion-focused products are guilty of sacrificing top quality performance for looks, however the Marshall Kilburn sounds equally as good as it looks.


You’re either likely to immediately fall deeply in love with the Kilburn’s design or scoff and dismiss it as something of pure nostalgia. In the event that you fall in to the later camp, we urge you to carefully turn the knobs, touch the brushed metal finishing and velvet strap to see in the event that you change your mind.

You can select from a black or cream finish (we have the black one pictured here). Gleam Kilburn Steel option, which comes just in black, includes a more metallic finish and switches out the gold logo on leading for a silver one.

The speaker is styled after Marshall’s iconic guitar amps and features two tweeters and an individual woofer crammed its rather large 242 x 140 x 140mm chassis. Weighing in at 3 kg (6.6 lbs), this isn’t a speaker you’ll want to take with you on a road trip, but everything you sacrifice in portability you get in performance.

On leading of the Kilburn you’ll find the iconic Marshall logo and an woven grille that you’ll find on the company’s guitar amps – a good throwback for those folks who spent our youth playing instruments in the garage.

At the top you’ll find each of the controls and inputs which are finished in brushed metal. The controls you’ll find listed below are both stunning and a pleasure to use, featuring the ideal resistance that evokes vintage audio tracks gear while still having all of the modern conveniences such as a Bluetooth pairing button.

Flip the on switch up and you’ll manage to select either the aux input or Bluetooth to use. If you’re using Bluetooth, press the Pair button and discover the Kilburn in your device’s Bluetooth menu.

But here’s where we found a weird quirk: so as to charge the Kilburn, you should plug the energy cord in to the wall and turn the speaker on. You’ll also have to utilize the included IEC C7 power cable to charge as there are no USB ports whatsoever. This implies the Kilburn won’t charge your phone either.

If that’s what you’re looking for, however, Marshall’s smaller Stockwell speaker does become a power bank for your phone and is a lot more portable.


Because the Marshall Kilburn has independent bass and treble controls, it’s hard to touch upon the neutrality of the speaker as users can tailor the sound with their tastes. For our tests, we set the bass and treble to 50% and the Kilburn blew us away with powerful bass, shimmering highs and an excellent sense of space.

If you’re sick and tired of lightweight Bluetooth speakers with anaemic bass response, you’re likely to love the Kilburn. The speaker is with the capacity of a frequency response of 62-20,000Hz. For comparison, the UE Boom 2 that people love includes a frequency response of 90-20,000Hz and the JBL Charge 3 includes a frequency response of 63-20,000Hz.

That extra low end extension lets bass heavy songs shine with floor rattling power. You can feel the amount of air the Kilburn is moving by positioning your submit front of the trunk bass port.

Battery life is rated for 20 hours of playback and our testing discovered that number to be i’m all over this. In the event you find that your battery appears to be holding less charge than it once did, one neat feature Marshall included in the Kilburn may be the capability to replace its battery – most competing speakers are sealed, so after the battery dies you need to chuck the complete speaker.

Final verdict

The Marshall Kilburn may not appear to be the best option in Bluetooth speakers. It’s large, heavy, doesn’t have USB charging and isn’t waterproof.

If you are really searching for a waterproof speaker that’s super lightweight and can withstand knocks since it pumps out the bass around a pool, this is not the one for you personally. Try the JBL Charge 3 instead, just don’t complain to us that it is not as stylish.

At $299 (about AU$400), the Marshall Kilburn will be a lot to cover a Bluetooth speaker. Despite the fact that it’s worth mentioning that it is drastically cheaper at £159 in the united kingdom version of the Marshall website, which feels as though a much better price for the state of the marketplace.

Throughout our week of testing, we fell deeply in love with the Kilburn’s design, feel and pristine sound quality. There are few other lightweight Bluetooth speakers available to buy that tick all those boxes – despite the fact that it’s a couple of years old now.

It’s a head turner and conversation piece. It’s a bit of audio tracks art that you’ll be proud showing off to friends and family during a party.

In a sea of look-alike speakers that sound fairly good, the Marshall Kilburn separates itself from the pack using its vintage styling and killer sound. If design and audio tracks performance are your two most significant standards for a Bluetooth speak

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