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Yes I understand the Lebron XVI premiered ten or perhaps eleven days ago but sometimes a good shoe doesn’t want three weeks of break with time to get everything functioning correctly. I want to note that my couple had some cracked Zoom fibers that i can truthfully say I’ve hardly ever seen nonetheless it didn’t impact the cushioning at all.

Pros: a good deal improved traction, equal cushioning, perhaps a touch more affordable and firmer, in shape, improved stabilty and containment

Cons: still rides superior, some heel slide to start

Sizing advice: accurate to size or whatever you have in the XV

Very best for: Players wanting optimum balanced cushioning, bigger guards-bigs

Buying suggestions: hypebeasts will go nuts for these since Bron is definitely in LA but players should even so wait. $185 may be the priciest bball shoe out there as a result of Nike and Lebron brand. $150 or less can be fair (what I paid out, thanks Dick’s, Twss) $80-95 is just about the bottom.


I possibly could care less about the excess fat and at 18.5 ounces the XVI is a chunker even for a mid (this is simply not a low). Just about all mids weigh around 15 ounces while lows standard about 13.5-14 ounces. Hit the fitness center kids in the event that you can’t cope with a few extra ounces.


Easily the virtually all improved area from the XV to the XVI. The XVI includes a pattern very like the Soldier XII which coincidently I examined last month. It isn’t quite as thin and pliable just like the Soldier XII nonetheless it works well, much better than the XV.

The rubber applied to the XVI is softISH however the blades are thicker than what the Soldier XII used so that it doesn’t bite or brush quite aswell. You additionally have to break in the traction a couple of hours specifically in the forefoot to progress bite nonetheless it doesn’t take very long. Some occasional wiping is necessary on dusty floors aswell but not often. Quickly the most improved portion of the shoe from the XV and it’s the very best traction on a Lebron sig because the X.

Well done Nike!


These began a stiffer compared to the XV but broke found in within a couple of hours to give an extremely similar albeit still just a little stiffer ride to the XV. In the event that you enjoyed the cushioning on the XV you’ll love these.

Both XV and XVI trip fairly high if you prefer a lower drive don’t buy these. Last year’s XV rode high consequently at least they are back off to Lebron X collection.

These nonetheless sit around 25-26 mm on the forefoot (down from 28-29) and 30-31 in the heel (down from 34-36) that is a good 3-4mm less than last years (10-15% ish) if you like Kobe or Curry low to the bottom these are certainly not for you. Personally, i like them lower but it’s all choice and there is absolutely no best suited or wrong answer below. Among the best players I know who’s an ultra shifty safeguard, Lifetime Fitness Best Hoops MVP, semi pro MVP (who basically gained the championship and MVP yesterday) and one gentleman wrecking crew adores his XV’s so just involves demonstrate it ain’t the shoes.

Zoom done best is an ideal balance of impact safeguard and responsiveness and good, that’s what you acquire with the XV and today XVI.

Well done Nike!


I just went true to size with the XV and I just went tts with the XVI aswell (finger width at the toe). I attempted on half of a size down aswell but I just recommended authentic to size. I’ve stated it often before nevertheless, you can fit multiple size so test out each shoe when you can.

Notice the way the “tongue” pulls up for easier gain access to. I’ve never really had issues adding one part shoes on but this will help those that do.

Zero deadspace at all found in the toe container for my fat legs (I believe narrow footers can decrease half of a size) but I did so have just a little heel slide in my own left shoe the 1st few nights found in the XVI. I made a decision to utilize the lower eyelets to greatly help and it really performed since it is leaner and additional back. HOWEVER, this is a pain in the as* to accomplish it since there is glue inside and between your holes (kinky I understand) so that it took a stable 10 minutes to relace only the top eyelets! Probably arthritis is placing in nonetheless it was tricky and produced the Harden V1 relacing seem to be easy. Let’s just expectation Nike doesn’t phone extra eyelets something similar to “lace customization technology”

Here you can view how far back again the eyelets are create a typical Kobe VI

This is one way you accelerate break with time

That which was really affecting the heel fit in was the stiffness of the midsole out of your box. It genuinely wants to stay direct but in the event that you bend them like I really do with a whole lot of shoes, it can help soften up the foam so that it conforms to your feet considerably faster. Once again that is a mid named a minimal so heel slip seriously shouldn’t be a concern.

General the fit was extremely good however the heel took a while to break in. After break in, it experienced nearly the same as the Hyperrev 2016 heel where it’s locked in but just feels sort of “floaty”. Virtually identical design regarding how the padding is established around the Achilles.

If you don’t just like the sense, go discover a Kobe or another sneaker but it just takes time to get accustomed to it.


I believe shoe companies therefore called shoe specialists are actually finally realizing that softer and stretchier doesn’t equivalent better. Nike’s Battleknit 1.0 was soft with an increase of reinforcement than previous Flyknit applications.

Knit 2.0 feels as though it’s backed by a good thicker backing but remains flexible but with less stretch out. It wouldn’t shock me if it’s the same kind of fuse applied to the Lebron X but protected in knit. I like how we were holding done and look and feel nice to touch. Flyknit genuinely allows much more consistency and color blocking that mesh doesn’t allow. That’s the key advantage of Flyknit…very well that and higher income.

Support and Stability

We’ve mids called lows and lows called mids (See Kobe AD Mid). They are lower tops not really low tops but are greater than my Soldier VI. The simply difference is the way the slope of the sneaker is more gradual. Whatever

Irrespective of nomenclature, support is nominal and originates from the heel counter and healthy similar to the XV.

Stability drastically improved simply by adding a little outriggers along the complete lateral side.

I didn’t worry about tippiness at all because those little millimeters added a whole lot of extra steadiness. Thanks a lot Nike, no consulting payment this time around.


Actually it’s a combo of the large heel counter, thicker Battleknit and the raised part of the toe. No issues here


Probably Nike and Lebron visit my site in the end haha. I’m certainly not that egotistical nor perform I good care but everything I didn’t like about the XV (apart from the ride elevation) was set. Better traction, better steadiness and containment. Hell, the next thing you understand, a leather hole puncher will get incorporated with each shoe.

So should you choose the XVI right now for $185? Ten dollars a lot more than the approaching AJ 33 btw. Nope, I walked into Dicks (that merely sounds wrong) got a 20% off coupon and acquired these for $148 plus tax. Like all basketball boots and shoes that aren’t artificially limiting source , these will end up being coupon eligible and eventually discounted and discounted once again as the growing season progresses. Anticipated these to get straight down the $149 mark within per month or two in that case slap a 20% coupon to truly get you straight down to a good $120. The much longer you hold out, the extra you save #rulesofretail

Although I prefer less ride height, here is the best throughout Lebron to turn out in years. Great traction, cushioning, fit, steadiness and containment get this to a great footwear for some players. Great performer throughout with no key weaknesses which sounds {nearly the

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