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The Nike Romaleos 2 is a high-end weightlifting shoe by Nike released in 2012. This shoe is popular as a result of its great construction and stability, but mainly as a result of the relatively wide fit and sleek design.


This shoe is especially designed for Olympic Weightlifting, but also ideal for squats, bench presses and other strength exercises. Because they’re made for Olympic Weightlifting, they are pretty stiff (but less so compared to the AdiPowers), and could therefore not be the best option for CrossFit WOD’s where you must run or jump. For better CrossFit specific choices, see CrossFit.


The Romaleos 2 is manufactured out of relatively thick, smooth, synthetic leather, gives a whole lot of strength to the shoe. The toebox of the shoe has three large, mesh fabric, ventilation holes on each side. Furthermore to those, there is one ventilation hole on each side of the laces.
The shoe includes two different insoles. The “training insole” and the “competition insole”. Working out sole is somewhat soft and completely flat, and targeted at comfort. Your competition sole is tougher and shaped to the foot. Nike recommends that you merely utilize the competition insole when you compete, for a slightly better power transfer when every kilo counts. It really is still highly recommended to try both insoles and choose which to use during training. With respect to the condition of the foot, it’s easy for the competition insole to match more comfortably, even though with them for long workout sessions.

The rubber outsole of the shoe is totally flat, so that it has as much contact area with the platform as possible, for optimal grip.


The heel of the shoe is constructed of TPU, and no matter your shoe size, effectively 0.75″, or 1.9 cm. The TPU material The TPU heel shapes around the foot and in addition functions as a heel cup. This produces an extremely rigid construction with considerable lateral stability. The heel (and sole) have a shallow recess in the centre to help make the shoe lighter. It has no influence on the firmness of the heel.

Metatarsal strap

As opposed to most weightlifting shoes, this features two metatarsal straps to increase the stability of the shoe. Both straps make certain the Nike Romaleos is stable in through the complete foot, whereas the Adidas AdiPower depends on the narrow toe-box to stabilize leading of the foot.

Color and design

The Nike Romaleos 2 will come in 5 different color options: black, white, ‘obsidian’ (dark blue), “red comet” (red), and “volt” (bright yellow).


The Romaleos II fits true size. The Romaleos is slightly wider in leading than most weightlifting shoes. This doesn’t effect the stability however, you can tighten the low strap for stability through the complete shoe. To ensure you get the right size, you can the state Nike sizing chart on Nike’s website.


This shoe is great regarding stability and construction. If you are searching for high-end weightlifting shoes, and also have a wide foot, that is an improved choice compared to the Adidas AdiPowers.
If you’re buying lower budget alternative however, browse the Pendlay/Do Win shoes, that have virtually identical design, and choose ab

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