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Nike Tanjun is an ideal sports running shoe if you are searching for an easy, pocket-friendly solution and at the same time doesn’t care that much about the entire quality. It is an excellent case in point of a running footwear where both these features come together. Even though the style is usually from 2015, quite cheaply, you can even now have them online on Amazon. As you might consider, are they still worthwhile nowadays? Well, it depends. To end up being honest, it really is determined by what your common is and everything you are organizing to utilize them for.

Traditional gym shoe

I just put Nike Tanjun in feet for about 8 times and ran with them around 50-60 kilometers before composing this document. Truth to be stated, very soon (following the third run) I possibly could declare that the shoe is normally barely much like any other “real “ running footwear from Nike. If as an example Nike Zoomx Vaporfly Following%, may be the A class in that case Nike Tanjun would participate in C, maybe possibly D category. The reason for it’s the incredibly stiff, hard, firm and inflexible cushioning. As a matter of known fact that I’ve often issues with my hypersensitive knees for shocks and have to have good cushioning, hardly would I would recommend it for an extended distance than 5 kilometers. Rather, I’d say, have it as an inside shoe for the fitness center or calisthenics work out where in fact the cushioning plays no position.

Lower quality outsole

As yet another bonus to the discomfort was as well the actual fact that the shoe gets exhausted very quickly. As you may check out on the outsole of the Nike Tanjun white colored version, tread pattern has already been initially pretty toned and shallow. My being is definitely that the shoe loses its rubber outsole thus fast that it generally does not survive a lot more than 150 – 200 kilometers. For me personally, as even a everyday runner, it really is behind the line. The well-worn portion gets the most obvious in the front area of the shoe. Accordingly, my recommendation is by using Tanjun only on delicate surface such as for example clay or a treadmill, not at all on concrete or asphalt.

Upper well surprised

While the overall operating performance of Nike Tanjun falls behind, you may still find some details that are worth mentioning and that some persons should think about investing in this shoe anyway. And simply because you may have previously guessed, it is unquestionably the very best of the shoe. When placing Tanjun on feet, you will surely observe that the textile higher feels extremely very soft and thin. No real surprise that shoe conveniently counts among among the lightest I have ever before donned. After weighing my Nike Tanjou mens release, the scale demonstrated around 240 grams. So really lightweight. Moreover, what as well pleased me was the actual fact that the soft top is not mounted on a narrow midsole of the shoe. Thus, assuming you have at your thumbs bunions or maybe simply a lttle bit wider feet, you will surely take pleasure in the inner of the shoe. It runs extensive and in blend with the softness of the higher, it generates fairly comfortable shoe.

Design brings nothing new

I purchased the common Nike Tanjun black edition. I was likewise considering Tanjun white, but I needed to make certain that the shoe won’t get yellowish and filthy in a couple weeks after shopping for it. Thus, I acquired completely black variant which solves the problem. Well, what I’m also able to say is normally that the colourful variations are typically basic for Nike. As you might look at from the pictures, the colors happen to be strongly neutral, somewhat boring even. But alternatively, it goes very well with apart from sporty outfits. Venturing out or likely to work? After that it is an extremely comfortable alternative for every-day situation.

Overall, Nike Tanjun very well corresponds to its price. For a few 40 euros, you can barely expect a top quality. But concurrently, you may take it as a complimentary, convenient shoe, that serves very well for undemanding sport activities and where in fact the lower quality of the shoe doesn’t enjoy such a crucial role. Even because of its inferior features, you can still discover a good make use of it.


  • Upper is comfortable
  • Perfectly enough for indoor activities
  • Budget-friendly option


  • Low quality of midsole
  • Inflexible cu

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