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The world of gaming hardware is a crowded sea lately. New platforms are everywhere, but there isn’t any dominant go-to console anymore. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One aren’t fully realized yet; the Wii U can be an also-ran; the Xbox 360 and Ps3 3 are aging. On the mobile side, smartphones are hugely popular, but nonetheless lack almost all of the fantastic games seen on Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft’s hardware. And there’s both dedicated lightweight gaming systems: the Sony PlayStation Vita and the Nintendo 3DS.

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The Nintendo 3DS isn’t your ticket to the continuing future of gaming. As a gaming platform, it’s three years old. It’s a dedicated handheld game system in a landscape of ever-more-impressive phones and tablets. It’s even a lttle bit clunky. But, in addition, it may be the very best game system I’ve played during the last year.

Part of that is because of a windfall of excellent, deep Nintendo-made games, kinds that are excellent for long trips, and even worth playing in your living room while ignoring a more substantial console. It’s kid-friendly, way more than any other little bit of hardware besides an iPhone or iPad. But, when I say the 3DS is a good system, After all it has at least 10 truly excellent games that justify the purchase of the $129 to $199 hardware. It is also compatible with a huge selection of old Nintendo DS/DSi games, a small number of good media programs (Netflix, Hulu Plus), and includes a large amount of downloadable software and bonus games and features pre-installed on the hardware itself, such as a camera plus some activity-tracking minigames.

The Nintendo 3DS is a portal to exclusive Nintendo franchise sequels and spin-offs, a dispenser for unique content. Imagine a streaming box that accessed a curated assortment of Disney entertainment, or a Kindle that only tapped right into a assortment of unique, great children’s books. The 3DS is a ticket to games you can’t get somewhere else.

What does it do?

In the event you’ve never played one, the Nintendo 3DS has two screens exactly like its Nintendo DS predecessor: the very best you can show glasses-free 3D, as the bottom one is an impression screen that uses an included stylus or your finger.

The 3DS includes built-in accelerometer and gyro motion controls, a microphone, and front and rear cameras — the trunk types may take 3D photos. The machine can be used as a pedometer, tracking motion and collecting activity coins which can be spent in mini-games or for bonuses in a variety of other games.

Streetpass, a clever local networking technology that scans around as the 3DS is in sleep mode, will get avatars of local players and acquire special unlockable challenges and bonuses in games: you may open your 3DS later to find someone’s ghost run in Mario Kart that you can race against, or extra coins in Super Mario 3D Land.

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Like any good lightweight device, the 3DS includes a built-in rechargeable battery. But Nintendo has stuck using its proprietary charging port, so you will have to take with you the included charger (or an adapter) to juice it through to the street. That’s doubly annoying, considering that even Sony has switched to the industry-standard Micro-USB charger on its latest incarnation of the competing PlayStation Vita.

Which do you get?

The Nintendo 3DS launched in early 2011, but yearly since its launch Nintendo has unveiled another hardware variant: the bigger Nintendo 3DS XL in 2012, and the flat, plastic, no-3D Nintendo 2DS in 2013. They range in cost: the 2DS is $129, the 3DS is $169, and the 3DS XL is $199. Each can be purchased in many colors, and sometimes in limited-edition bundles with games. And, they’re on sale in lots of places: I’ve seen the 3DS XL for $175 and even less.

Nintendo 2DS and 3DS: smaller screens, lower prices. Sarah Tew/CNET
I favor the XL for many reasons: its screen is 90 percent larger, and although it gets the same number of pixels as small 3DS, it looks great playing all games. In addition, it feels sturdier, and includes a slightly better battery life.

The initial 3DS is more pocketable, but includes a smaller screen and feels more cramped while playing for extended periods of time. The 2DS actually feels good to carry, has screens the same size as small 3DS, and is priced for the most value — in addition, it gets the same hardware features, minus 3D, of the other 3DS systems. It could possibly be the better pick for little kids.

3D: neat, but a little pointless

The 3DS XL still feels as though it has extremely large screens, even in comparison to a PlayStation Vita or big-screened phone. Measuring 4.88 inches, the most notable screen is indeed large that it rivals the Sony PlayStation Vita’s, which can be an even 5 inches. Then there’s underneath screen, too, that is a little smaller but adds collectively to numerous screen space.

The glasses-free 3D effect, which requires a specific degree of patience and stillness to work properly, is most beneficial on the 3DS XL, but 3D is not a required feature on any 3DS game. Nintendo finally acknowledged this with last year’s 2DS, which dropped all 3D support but nonetheless plays every game correctly well.

Why get yourself a 3D-equipped 3DS, then? I still like using 3D — I have a tendency to keep it on since it enhances game atmospherics and makes the screen property feel a bit more expansive. Many persons prefer to slide the 3D effect completely off. Keeping it off increases battery life and even frame rate on a few games. But, the 3DS XL continues to be much better than other 2DS/3DS systems as a result of its giant display area. I’d still recommend it.

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Online: 3DS eShop, Miis, and…a restricted experience

The 3DS has built-in Wi-Fi, but its online capacities are, by design, in a kind of Nintendo lockdown. That’s both bad and the good. For all those with kids, be confident that the 3DS is most likely the most kid-safe online-connected devices around. The machine limits you to browsing the Nintendo 3DS eShop, using programs like YouTube and Netflix, and having not a lot of and largely one-way connectivity with StreetPass, which actually just leaves little tags and friendly extras from local players, without way to ever contact them back or communicate.

Online flash games use random matchmaking or friend codes to attain out to others and play, and there is no chat to talk about.

Conclusion: Nintendo’s secretly great little console has already been here

Nintendo’s latest console could be the Wii U, but its best gaming platform right now is small, double-screened, and includes a stylus.

Yes, the company’s amount of dominance over the everyday game market is long, over. The times of the Wii and Nintendo DS being observed in the hands of moms and grandparents are history. But it doesn’t mean the 3DS is not a great little game console.

Should anyone ever owned a GameCube — a Nintendo console that had great games but was an also-ran in the gaming universe most importantly — consider the 3DS an identical type of experience. If you are into Nintendo games, you will likely cherish it. Those buying a do-everything game handheld…look elsewhere, because days past aren’t here anymore.

The 3DS is a game-lover’s handheld. It’s packed with magical content, and it’s really finally really worth its price to play the games that Nintendo (and some alternative party companies, too) have to give you.

Yes, the battery life’s still not ideal, and yes, I wish there have been another analog pad. But I take the 3DS around with me a lot more than practically any another gadget, and I am doing it as part of your previously year. That is a golden period for 3DS games, and if you value handheld games with an increase of depth than your average mobile title, that is as good a period to become listed on the party as any. Just don’t expect a lot more than that, and you will be fine.

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  • Package Includes: 1 x Full Screw Set .
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