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The Polar A370 isn’t particularly flashy, but it’s proficient at what it can. It excels as a sports watch out for training and tracking workouts, thanks partly to a precise optical heartrate monitor. It lets you know how different activities affect the body, whether you complete a fairly easy recovery run or a cardio-intense fitness class. And sure, it provides all-day activity tracking and notifications from your own phone once and for all measure. Yes, there are better and sleeker all-day fitness trackers out there, however, not at the A370’s price ($149.95). If you are mainly buying a sports watch to be your companion while training, it’ll cause you to very happy.

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Design, Comfort, and Battery Life

The Polar A370 is practically identical however you like to these devices it replaces, the A360. Both are waterproof and also have a rectangular face with a micro USB slot on the trunk for charging (hooray for non-proprietary chargers!). The A370 weighs the same, too, at 1.1 ounces for size S and 1.3 ounces for M/L.You can swap the same silicone bands ($24.95 each) onto either device, with Polar now offering new color options: ruby red in S only, and for M/L only, deep blue, orange, and petrol. Those are as well as the more classic black and ivory white.

One slight change to the A370 is a fresh strap closure. It’s a tricky little loop that you thread the loose end into, which, albeit a noticable difference over the prong closure from the A360, is a headache because it’s simultaneously tight and slippery.

It isn’t the most attractive fitness tracker, with a somewhat clunky look weighed against the more elegant Fitbit Charge 3 ($99.93 at Amazon) . And its own 160-by-80 pixel touch display isn’t the sharpest, though it’s properly serviceable.

The rectangular face takes some used to, since it felt clunky the first couple of days I wore it. I still can’t stand wearing it to bed, that is a shame for the reason that A370 uses Polar’s new Sleep Plus analysis (more on that in a bit). I really do like this on the customizable face, you can pick a display that shows enough time in a huge white type that fills with color as you get nearer to meeting your daily step goal.

The screen shows good responsiveness, and there’s an individual physical button on the outer edge, included in silicone, for getting up the display, connecting to Bluetooth (press and hold), and backing out of menus. Using the A370 is highly intuitive. It requires little effort to determine how exactly to change the settings and navigate the screens with out a manual.

On a complete charge, the A370 are designed for 12 hours of activity with all the GPS via a linked mobile device. Otherwise, you will probably get four days of battery life with normal use, which include 24/7 heartrate monitoring and 1 hour each day of activity tracking. That’s markedly much better than the battery life of the Apple Watch, which still doesn’t even promise to last a complete a day. Granted, the Apple Watch is a smartwatch, not really a fitness tracker or sports watch. In the latter category, however, Garmin remains the business to beat, with a lot of its best devices lasting practically weekly with typical use. That’s near how long many Fitbit devices can go without recharging, too.

What Do You intend to Track?

The Polar A370 has a good amount of activity tracking options, from everyday steps to lifting weights sessions. With a few taps of the screen, you can record a run, walk, cycling activity, weight training session, and group exercise. The A370 also offers generic options for indoor and outdoor exercise. I love that before you begin, the watch shows two icons to point whether it has detected your heartrate and received a GPS signal from your own phone (for outdoor activities only).

The A370 has all-day activity tracking aswell, counting your steps, heartrate, calorie burn, distance traveled, active time, and just how many long periods of inactivity you have per day. There’s one big hitch with daily activity tracking: You can’t set your own goals. Polar creates them for you personally based on your life style, history, and progress. The power is that Polar creates goals that are achievable however, not too easy. The disadvantage is that you have little agency in setting your targets, aside from entering information regarding your lifestyle (that you can change anytime). Almost every other fitness trackers permit you to set and adapt your goal nevertheless, you want. Undoubtedly, some persons will feel annoyed by Polar’s insistence on setting your targets, while others won’t think about it.

Sleep tracking is roofed, too, using increased analysis from Polar’s new Sleep Plus system, only obtainable in the A370 and M430 ($144.77 at Amazon) . You view your sleep data in the Polar Flow iphone app (on Android, iOS, and on the net). The info and graphs provide insight into your night, showing not merely bedtime and wake time, but also interruptions, total sleep time, and sleep continuity (a someone to five score essentially rating the severe nature and frequency of sleep interruptions). In your Polar Flow account, also you can rate your sleep to keep an eye on how you personally feel, which is often more important than what the numbers show.

Advanced Tracking

Polar offers a few excellent features and options for fitness enthusiasts, such as for example training programs you can load onto the watch, feedback about activities, and an exercise test.

If you are into interval or interval training, you can create quick-access programs on your own watch with custom timers and goal settings for your workouts. For instance, you can create a good work out goal predicated on time, distance, or calorie burn in order that the watch alerts you when you’ve hit it. Or you can create interval timers to steer your workouts.

Another advanced feature that I find useful across Polar trackers is a listing of what good a good work out or a day’s worth of activity does for you personally. The Polar Flow software has reminded me a day spent walking rather than being sedentary helps extend my entire life expectancy, for instance. After a hardcore workout, the software might tell you you’ve improved your sprint speed and the nervous system of your muscles. A slow jog will most likely arrive as having recovery training benefit.

Fitness buffs may also get worked up about Polar’s five-minute Fitness Test for measuring VO2max as well as your aerobic fitness level weighed against other persons similar for you. You will need the Polar H10 ($87.95 at Amazon) chest strap heartrate sensor to accomplish the test, so element in a supplementary $75 if it sounds appealing. You may use the H10 with the watch out for other workouts, as the chest strap is an improved device for recording heartrate during certain types of activity.


I took the Polar A370 outdoors for a couple runs and walks, and I did so a more manipulated treadmill walk test to acquire a sense of its accuracy.

In every, the Polar A370 performs accurately. When working with my phone’s linked GPS, my route and distance harmonized with Google Maps fairly precisely. For just one of my runs, I switched off the phone’s GPS, and the A370 recorded the length to be about 0.3 miles longer than it had been on Google Maps. Heartrate readings were where I expected them to be for different activities.

For the treadmill test, I walked one mile while wearing the Wahoo Fitness Tickr X ($79.00 at Amazon) chest strap to record my heartrate. Having previously done a large number of one-mile walks while counting my steps, I understand my stride puts me right at the common of taking about 2,000 steps per mile. The Polar A370 clocked me at 1,971 steps and 0.96 miles, which is well within the number of accuracy I am hoping to see. The heartrate readings prearranged to the Tickr X’s output, too, giving a lot more credibility to the device’s accuracy. In real-time, the A370 heartrate readings kept pace with the Tickr X much better than any other tracker I’ve recently tested, with minimal lag time rather than straying a lot more than about 2bpm.

Fit for Workouts and Training

The Polar A370 excels as a precise sports watch with some lovely features for training and daily fitness tracking. Could it be beautiful? Nearly. Does it pack in a couple of smartwatch features? Nope. But also for $149.95, it’s an advisable device for fitness enthusiasts who would like heartrate monitoring, on-watch workout sessions, and do not mind pairing a phone if they need GPS. Definitely contemplate it if you’re searching for a wrist watch to use while training. If you are looking something slightly less specialized, the Fitbit Charge 3 is well known entry point in to the world of fitness tracking for more everyday users.

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