Razor MX650 & MX500 Review: In-Depth Review 2021

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The Razor Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike is a heavy-duty toy which has kids from from coast to coast putting it on the Christmas list. It’s the perfect present for just about any child that is thinking about motorcycles and engineering The MX500 includes a powerful 500W electric motor, can carry up to 175lbs, includes a 60 day warranty, and will carry its rider at a speed around 15mph, over various terrains.

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Key Features

It could be hard to meet the needs of a budding or daredevil motorcyclist. You don’t want to restrain them, nevertheless, you don’t want to inspire dangerous daredevil acts at such a age, either. Buying them a genuine motorcycle is certainly unthinkable. However, since they have already been begging for just one for over 3 or even more years, there are other alternatives to gratify their dependence on speed with the variable speed throttle.

Buying the MX500 may well not you need to be beneficial for the youngsters, but also for the parents, too. You will gain a feeling of trust inside your kids when you’ll be giving the good thing about the doubt, buying this pricey product. It’s one from the most notable shelf, and will must be looked after. It will be easy to help your son or daughter take responsibility of their belongings, if you haven’t were able to do so before.

Regardless, the MX500 is an excellent toy which will be both fun and educational. It’ll giver your children the thrill of running a real real dirt bike, and you’ll be able to finally have them out of our home!


The MX500 can be an electric dirt bike that is especially modelled after real, professional, motocross bikes. This signifies that the MX500 will not only do all of the stunts, but appears like it could do them, too.

The selling point of the Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross bike is unquestionably one of the main what to look at when purchasing the toy for your son or daughter. Whatever age they are in, they will want a thing that looks ‘cool’. A thing that they can show with their friends, and get yourself a suitable result of awe.

Razor knows just how much kids love revealing their prized possessions, and that’s why they designed the Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross bike to look as sporty and as attractive as possible.

Color & Appeal

The blend of blacks, yellows, reds and whites probably doesn’t put the parents’ worries at rest. This definitely appears like a menacing electric dirt bike, but in general it’s a safely built, strong toy.

The colour scheme already enables you to think about speed and danger, and it’s sufficient to have the adrenaline going, but it’s 100% safe. There is absolutely no doubt that your children would want to hop onto this well-manufactured motorcycle within a few minutes of getting it.

Rechargeable Battery

Every motorized/electrical toy includes a battery life and it’s own charging time. This feature could cause a whole lot of moaning, groaning and disappointment, but it’s essential to take it under consideration when purchasing the merchandise.

You will need to spend a lot of the Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross bike’s life charging it, because it will need the energy to perform. Generally, for the MX500, about 12 hours will do. This charge boost should supply the electric bike enough energy to work for one hour or more, enabling a lot of fun and continuous use.

Battery Charging Time

Since this is a power toy, it’s vital that you mention that you might notice a change in your electrical bills when you get it. Charging anything for 12 hrs is no small feat.

If you have a keen child or children that are looking to constantly use and take turns with the Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross bike, then this toy could become an expensive investment.That is, in the end, a toy with a 500W electric motor, and a 36V rechargeable battery. Luckily, many electricity plans curently have discounted prices for constantly running appliances like lights and television. This signifies that a fresh appliance shouldn’t make that a lot of a change to the stability of your bills, but it’s still a crucial factor to bear in mind.

You can always create limits for using the bike, too. For instance, only allow it once and for all behavior, or after school in intervals of 20 minutes, or maybe on weekends.


The dimensions of the Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross bike have already been a major topic of discussion. The bike itself has dimensions of 56 inch x 24.5 inch x 36 inch when assembled.

This, from the get-go, may seem to be rather small for just about any grown 14+ years old, and that assumption holds true. 95% of the clients agree that this real dirt bike is intended for children between 8 and12 years, rather than 14+ year olds.

Even for bigger 12 year olds it could already appear somewhat on the tiny side.

That’s why we recommend either following advice of dismissing this recommendation, or likely to an area supermarket and looking into the MX500 Dirt Rocket for yourself.


To summarize, we recommend this bike for 8-12 year old dirt biking fanatics. Even younger kids can provide it a go if they’re mature enough to check out the instructions and safety recommendations.The core of the problem is, that’s bike is in no way a bike for 14 year old, and even less so for anybody older.

If you are buying a motocross bike for a 14 year old, then we are able to recommend newer Razor bikes, just like the Razor RSF650 and Razor MX650.


The bike itself has double suspension, and adjustable handlebars. It has large 16 inch wheels at the front end, and 14 inch wheels at the trunk. These large wheels permit the bike to go as fast as it could, and help propel the MX500 through various terrains.

Both of the wheels are pneumatic, which signifies that they are filled up with pressurized air inside. These varieties of wheels are well suited for speeding through both gravel roads and grass fields, and can only degrade after rigorous use.


The bike does require some assembly, but it’s very easy. It’s an excellent exercise to help your son or daughter put it together, because it allows them to observe how difficult it is usually get something to work. It will give them a feeling of achievement if they finish, and a pat on the trunk from father and mother. Another advantage to the practice is that they could even take extra proper care of it, given that they saw just how much effort it took to place it together.


The bike also includes a manual, and includes a durable steel construction which should support anyone up to 175 pounds. It’s vital that you talk your son or daughter through the manual before putting them onto the bike. This will make certain that they understand how to utilize the bike for dirt biking moto without needing to figure it out.

The latter usually results in injuries and accidents, and that’s why it’s also vital that you take precautions. Be sure to give a helmet and knee and elbow pads for your son or daughter, too.


  • Sturdy, steel construction
  • Rises to 15mph
  • Carries up to 175 pounds
  • Built with retractable kickstand
  • Pneumatic, Knobby tires
  • Variable speed throttle


  • Too small for 14+ year olds

In general, the Razor Dirt Rocket is simple to come up with, and is simple to use. Most parents report that their kids try the brand new controls within a quarter-hour. The bike also offers a ‘closed system’, which signifies that the kids won’t manage to reach the inside mechanics of the real dirt bike, harming themselves accidentally.


Despite the fact that Razor states that bike should be employed by 14 year olds and above, most of the people will concur that it’s well suited for kids between 8-12 year olds who are into dirt biking. Razor is well known for their versatile age brackets, and it’s vital that you understand that every child differs.

If your child includes a smaller build or not used to dirt biking, then this bike could be simply perfect for them, however we still recommend looking into the electric bike beforehand just to make certain. After all, that is no small purchase, and really should be thought through!


The MX500 is suitable for any child that’s thinking about motocross bikes and really wants to give riding them a chance. The MX500 includes a stable steel construction, can rise to 15mph and will review various terrains. Its versatility is unquestionably among its strongest points, and its own pneumatic knobby tires {can help

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