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The calendar of training shoe releases yearly hasn’t changed much in the last couple years. Not that it’s a bad thing, but we’ve been stuck with the same ol’ line ups without anything completely new released. Though, once in a blue moon something comes out of no where and enables you to go We’ve been expecting an update to the Reebok CrossFit Lifters for quite a while now, but nothing really prepared us for the announcement of a totally redesigned, dedicated weightlifting shoe from Reebok:

The Legacy Lifters

The release of the shoes if you ask me honestly comes as a surprise, type of. While I’ve always thought the Reebok Lifter Plus 2.0’s were totally competent weightlifting shoes, they’ll will have the stigma to be “CrossFit” shoes. A shame that something so fickle would discourage persons to employ a great shoe, but that’s the truth of it. Nike and Adidas virtually have the Olympic lifting shoe market on lockdown, with only a minority straying from both giants. It’s not that others don’t make great shoes, there are TON’s of excellent lifters that may be platform ready available, those are simply the old. Using their understand how from the CrossFit Lifters, Reebok is seeking to cement their legacy (see what I did so there?), in to the weightlifting world by offering one of the better alternatives to the giants, to ever be released.


Reebok’s Legacy lifters certainly are a completely new weightlifting shoe that increases after much without straying too much from the formula which makes an excellent oly shoe. Initially, the shoe appears like a much evolved Lifter Plus, way more like the original compared to the 2.0. Like the majority of advanced weightlifting shoes, the Legacy’s have a TPU heel instead of wood or leather. The major benefit to the is that TPU is in-compressible, while remaining more lightweight and durable than wood. Two metatarsal straps are met with another “strap” that the laces join together and completes the foot wrap upper. This gives fitment more advanced than any other weightlifting shoe. Potentially the best “feature” of the Legacy lifters may be the gap in the velcro in the most notable medial strap, so that it is simple to tuck your tied laces in without ripping them to all or any hell. Such a very simple thing that no person has considered to correct, until now.

The materials used for the Legacy Lifters are excellent. The foot wraps certainly are a synthetic material comparable to the Lifter series, as the quarter and vamp of the shoe are full grain leather, providing excellent comfort within the shoe. There are no hot spots that rub anywhere in the shoe. Reebok has added another TPU counter to lock your heel in preventing slippage. The removable insole is minimal, yet very dense that contours to your foot similar to the competition insoles given the Romaleos. They’re aren’t padded at all, but I’ve never found the Legacy’s to be uncomfortable during pure lifting sessions.

Sizing of the Legacy’s is dead to each of the Olympic lifting shoes I’ve ever found in the past. I acquired a size 9, that fits me such as a glove and was immediately comfortable from the box. This is actually the same size that I acquired my AdiPowers and Romaleos in, but with those two shoes there is a break in period where in fact the toe-box had to take it easy. The Legacy’s condition resembles the Romaleos more, however your toes don’t get bunched up in leading of the shoe and the heel-toe drop feels more gradual, though it really is greater. Once more, the Legacy’s are incredibly comfortable for lifting and just cruising around the fitness center, though they are simply as clunky to walk in as any lifting shoe.

Take into account that they are performance shoes! When wearing them, there shouldn’t be any space in leading of the shoe; your toes shouldn’t be jammed together either. The very last thing you want is your foot sliding around within them throughout a lift. If this is actually the first weightlifting shoe you’ve ever investigated, a good guideline is to have them the same size you’d get your Converse Chuck Taylors or perhaps half of a size down from your own standard training shoes.


Besides fitment, the main part of a weightlifting shoe may be the effective height of their heel. The benefits associated with having an elevated heel is in order that you can catch in a far more vertical torso position, you can correct errors, and you could keep your toes down better throughout extension. Height of the heel is subjective, some prefer higher, some lower, but most can concur that around 3/4″ may be the safest choice for many people. On the contrary to the present popular picks and from what they’ve stated in days gone by, Reebok has chosen to go with a 22mm drop, which compatible .86″, though most sites say 3/4″ effective heel height. It will be feels slightly greater than the shoes with a 19mm/3/4″ heel, but that’s too near call and many people it’ll probably just feel the same. I could let you know is that the heel for me personally feels perfect, just as this height did on the positioning 2.0’s. Catching cleans forward was a major problem I had with the Adidas Leistung’s 1″ heel, which isn’t a concern in the Legacy lifters.

Response in the Legacy lifters is great. As a result of nature of the hard TPU heel, you can depend on perfect power delivery during your lifts, whether it’s just squatting or snatching. The TPU heel has a taper in it probably to lessen somewhat of weight, but extends out to a complete 82mm at it’s widest point. The width and density of the outsole paired with the locked down fit the entire foot wrap upper provides just about the most stable lifting experience ever on a shoe, definitely any shoe I’ve used. The platform is simple to maintain balance through the entire foot with, and you’ll never feel just like you’re likely to tip over in virtually any direction. The Exoframe does an excellent job maintaining your heel seated. In the shoe, the insoles have somewhat of arch support that you could really push into to squeeze out a lttle bit more energy. They are indeed removable in the event that you wished to insert custom orthotics.

Adding to the stability of the Legacy’s is merely the sheer heft of the shoe. They’re about 20.3 oz per shoe, making them potentially the heaviest oly shoe right now. They’re bricks when compared to Romaleos (16.8 oz) and AdiPower’s (15.7 oz). Touching down in these gravity boots feels as though someone poured cement in your shoes, you truly don’t maneuver around much after landing. Beware that the weight is substantial enough in order that it could affect the capability to move your feet and is obviously likely to be a concern if you’re seeking to execute a WOD in these shoes. In addition they are some pretty stiff shoes, granted mine aren’t even near broken in. My first WOD in these shoes was just lifting, but even still, my feet got pretty achy after a few momemts in. I couldn’t view it going well for you personally doing box jumps, running or double unders in the Legacy’s.

The outsole of the shoe is nothing special and I’d say may be the other weakest section of the shoe. My platform in the home sucks and is riddled with dust, it could maximize grippiest outsoles lose traction. I had some issues slipping around in the home, nevertheless, you shouldn’t have any issue on a legit platform and even the rubber diamonds cut flooring I’ve within my gym performed okay. This may be a concern with the bottoms not being worn in at all, so take this with a grain of salt.


Reebok has really hit the nail in the top with the Legacy lifters as a significant weightlifting shoe. They are without doubt, the most stable couple of lifting shoes in the marketplace, that also don’t appear to be they’re from the first 1900’s. At $200, they’re designed to contend directly with the other big name weightlifting shoes (if you can usually find some of those on sale for significantly less), plus they trump most of them in nearly every way. I’m sure the Legacy’s will dsicover much use in the competitive weightlifting scene and may actually become a staple shoe.

Doing this many reviews, I’ve come to learn that there surely is no such thing as an ideal shoe and the Legacy’s may not be for everyone. In this instance, the sheer heft of the shoe is it’s double edged sword. If you’re good about moving your feet, then your Legacy’s will without doubt reward you with amazing stability and balance. If you’re among those lifters that sort of drags their feet and isn’t quite there technique wise, you may struggle a bit at first, but if you keep grinding through, you’ll have among the finest pairs of weightlifting shoes out there. Understand that

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