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My wrists quickly got sore when i sat down at a ROCK-BAND drum kit for the very first time in five years – but it’s an excellent, familiar sort of ache. I’d forgotten how physical of an event the rock-n’-roll simulator could be, and also the amount of fun nailing a song like 90’s favorite Live’s “AROUND You” sends coursing through my own body. Rock Band 4
is no-frills in accordance with its predecessors – it does not have any online play, no keyboards, no secondary modes like Practice or Score Duel – but it addittionally makes smart decisions, leading to the very best overall music-game experience yet.

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That Old Familiar Feeling

Firing up ROCK-BAND 4 can be an experience that’s almost identical to the first three games Xbox 360 and Ps3 3. It’s a deceptively simple concept that, through the energy of working as a team plus some great music, becomes a lot more fun than tapping four colored buttons on plastic instruments with time with corresponding note gems because they scroll down the screen has any to be. With ROCK-BAND, it’s often more about the journey of pretending to rock out together compared to the destination of a higher score.Developer Harmonix’s decision to get where it left off last generation instead of reinvent itself in virtually any significant way, then, offers you the same feeling as a fresh AC/DC album: familiar, for the reason that it hits yet notes that managed to get famous, but also safe and predictable. Innovation is basically replaced by refinement: it’s easier than ever before to sign band members in and out of their own profiles, for example, and it’s mercifully easy to individually change difficulties on the fly when you get stuck on a hardcore song like Dream Theater’s merciless “Metropolis, Pt. 1: The Miracle and the Sleeper.” The brand new console hardware brings quick loading times, and everything runs correctly smooth, so you’re never lots of occasions from rocking out rather than annoyed by a missed beat. Home-theater calibration is simple, too.

Once you’re ready to go with several friends, ROCK-BAND 4 creates an almost tangible, physical synergy in the area that everyone feeds from. It’s almost intoxicating when it’s at its peak – for example, when you’re all playing correctly in synch, deploying your Overdrive power together at an integral moment in a legendary song everyone know by heart so that you can octuple your score.

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Songs to Sing

Songs, of course, will be the backbone of any ROCK-BAND game, and that’s where ROCK-BAND 4 is noticeably weaker from the box than it ought to be. A few A-list gets like U2 and Van Halen headline what’s the series’ weakest overall on-disc setlist, which is otherwise made up of B- and C-list acts including the Outfield, Eddie Japan, and .38 Special. Meanwhile, the big names that are here often have problems with ROCK-BAND having already featured their biggest hits previously three games. Rush is back, however the song may be the much lesser-known “A Passage to Bangkok.” Foo Fighters are in, albeit “Feast and the Famine” from their latest album. That’s not saying these songs aren’t fun to play – they are! – but they’re the same as deep cuts on what ought to be a greatest-hits album.Where are Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, AC/DC, and other A-list acts we’ve observed in this series before? Conspicuously absent. Because of having less starpower, my fellow IGN bandmates often passed the microphone around asking one another, “Anybody know that one?” (Oh, and in the event you’re wondering, Jimmy Page still hasn’t loosened his iron grip on the rights to Led Zeppelin’s catalog.)

What saves its catalogue is backward compatibility with practically every DLC song (and physical instrument) released for previous Rock Bands – and if you got it for a last-generation system, you still bought it for use in ROCK-BAND 4 at no extra cost (provided that you’re going from PS3 to PS4 or Xbox 360 to Xbox One). That’s an enormous incentive for all those who’ve committed to the series on old consoles. Especially, in addition, it means some players should come into ROCK-BAND 4 with song catalogs that number in the countless hundreds.

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Take the Tour

Conversely, ROCK-BAND 4’s new career mode, called the Tour, is by far the series’ strongest campaign yet. Touches of humor, such as for example my cartoony bandmates and I getting lice from our travels inside our beat-up tour van and appearing on stage bald at another gig, mark choices that permit you to add more fans or better unlocks as you wind through the globe-hopping tour. Sometimes you’ll choose your two to six-song setlists outright through the shows inside your tour, sometimes you’ll be required to vote on them as a band (which itself can cause friendly banter and/or playful arguments), and sometimes you’ll take virtual fan requests or be asked to execute encores. And the sets are plenty varied, featuring selections of songs usually pooled by general difficulty. Unfortunately, the 65 tunes provided on the disc simply don’t provide enough material to avoid significant repetition throughout your Tour. You truly need extra downloadable songs to pad out your setlists.ROCK-BAND 4’s other significant new feature, solos, is a major win and proved favored by practically everyone in the IGN office who has laid practical it up to now. Solos use a color-coded language to point where and how exactly to play on your own guitar during certain parts of songs, but within it you’re afforded full freedom – meaning you can press any notes you want and create your own licks while being rewarded instead of penalized. They’re introduced well, and because of a prominent and dedicated menu option, you can always get back to help know how they work. As it happens there are various layers to them that I became convenient with as time passes. (In the event that you don’t, you can even turn them off completely if you would like.) Furthermore to helping increase your feeling of rocking out, I most appreciate that they finally make good gameplay make use of the five smaller high frets nearby the body of your guitar – a promise the prior Rock Bands never delivered on.


The track list that occurs the ROCK-BAND 4 disc is just a little light on memorable songs, but because of admirable backward compatibility with an enormous DLC catalog, ROCK-BAND 4 remains just the magical cooperative gaming go through the series is definitely. Obtaining a band together in the living room to rock out creates some incredible occasions of musical joy. In addition, a fresh career mode injects some fun personality and decision-making, while solos enable you to express yourself mid-song without penalty. ROCK-BAND still fulfills its potential to create me feel just like a superstar musician and, like 65-year-

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