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Mediocre wireless headphones certainly are a dime twelve. But if you value premium-quality sound, then your answer is definitely big and bulky. You will not mind that whenever you’re sitting on the sofa in the home and even commuting to focus on the train, but those varieties of headphones don’t fit so well in a backpack or suitcase on longer trips. Get black friday & Cyber Monday sales

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What is it possible to do?

Sennheiser has drawn deeply on the German engineering credentials to craft a lovely couple of noise canceling headphones that fold right into a neat little package. They’re so elegant I almost want to kiss them. But that isn’t the German way.

Mix in features just like a 30-hour battery life, integrated microphone for calls, and touchpad controls, and today we’ve got the perfect travel headphones for work and play… and long flights.

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I’ll drill down deeper to provide you with the entire story about the un-sexy-sounding PXC 550.

Hands On Experience

I am using these wireless headphones since late 2017. So, saying they are thouroughly tested will be a vast understatement. I’ve traveled thousands of miles, and they are still performing just as strongly today as day one. These headphones are designed to last.

Note: Sennheiser has released a sequel to the model called the PXC 550-II however, they haven’t received the same glowing reviews as this original model, so for the present time, you will be better off with the PXC 550.

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Here are the very best top features of the Sennheiser PXC 550 headphones:

Foldable design

Space is reduced when traveling. This unit’s smart foldable design permits compact storage and doubles up as the technique for turning power off, protecting against any potential for draining the battery you should definitely used. The included zippered carry case protects the headphones and sports a convenient internal pocket to store all included adapters and cables.

30 hours on 1 charge

This is essentially the most critical feature for just about any serious traveler. Flying around the world about the same charge, with juice to spare, will probably be worth a standing ovation.

Impressive noise canceling

Sennheiser’s unique NoiseGard™ hybrid adaptive noise cancellation blends 2 different systems – using 2 microphones externally of the headset plus 2 internal microphones, to eradicate undesired background sounds over a broad frequency spectrum. All this without noticeable deterioration to the grade of the sound. When switched to “adaptive” mode, the amount of noise cancellation will automatically be adjusted to match the volume of the encompassing ambient noise. Which means less engine rumbling on a flight, and more music you would like to hear.

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Touch controls

Raise the volume or skip to another track with simple, intuitive gestures on the touch pad (such as for example “tap” and “swipe”), on the right ear cup.


Removing headphones to speak to someone is something of days gone by. Just double-tap the touch pad (right side), and external sound flows in. Do the same to reverse. That is helpful when walking through the airport trying to listen to a boarding call, or maybe crossing the road and keeping an ear out for traffic.

Built-in microphone

Proprietary VoiceMax™ technology utilizes 3 microphones to filter unnecessary background noise and improve your voice, making calls crisper and clearer.

Call Enhancement

Making voice calls in a busy location with background noise, for instance a train station, could be very the task. Call Enhancement enhances the caliber of the sound to feel just like the individual you’re talking with is in the same room. You can activate (or deactivate) Call Enhancement throughout a call by pressing the “Effect Mode Control” button (on the lower corner of the proper headphone).

Quick battery check

Although the headphones last up to 30 hours using one charge, it’s best if you check the battery levels before an extended trip. Tap and contain the touchpad (right side) for approximately 4 seconds. The quantity of beeps will indicate just how much battery is left (5 beeps has ended 80%, 4 beeps is 60-80%, 3 beeps is 40-60%, 2 beeps is 20-40%, 1 beep is 2-20%).

Works together with flat battery

Frequent travelers will know the sensation of forgetting to charge a smartphone or tablet before an extended flight. But don’t worry, the PXC 550 is usable when the battery is flat, because of the included 3.5mm detachable audio tracks cable. Note: NoiseGuard™ noise cancellation fails with a set battery.

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In-flight adapter

A typical 2-prong 2.5mm music adapter, commonly used for airplane music systems, is roofed with the PXC 550. Fly however you like!

Built-in limiter

On this issue of flights, I’m sure you’ve experienced the unsettling aftereffect of an inflight crew announcement, which for reasons uknown, is 20 times louder compared to the movie or music. The PXC 550 built-in limiter avoids sudden peaks in volume, producing a more enjoyable listening experience.

Micro USB cable

Use the same kind of cable to recharge the headphones as much Android-based smartphones, tablets and cameras. One less cable saves just a little weight and space.

Pair 8 devices

Assuming you have a computer or notebook at the job, at home, and also a tablet, a phone (or two), a Bluetooth-compatible home theatre system, an iPod, smart assistant, and any other selection of music sources, needing to un-pair and re-pair devices is frustrating. Luckily, the PXC 550 supports up to 8 paired devices at onetime. When adding a 9th device, minimal used one will be automagically un-paired.

aptX® support

This exceptional audio tracks codec transfers an audio tracks signal via Bluetooth at an excellent that’s indistinguishable from the very best wired connection. It just computes of the box. Find out if your phone, tablet, laptop, or other audio tracks source supports aptX®.

CapTune mobile app

This free software for iOS and Android helps it be simple to customize the equalizer settings just how you want. It supports multiple “sound profiles” to use for different conditions – like walking in metropolis or on a noisy

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