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A whole lot has been manufactured from Samsung’s have to redeem itself after last year’s Galaxy Note 7 battery fiasco. The business itself hasn’t shied from acknowledging that it requires to earn customers’ trust again. The mistakes it made were inexcusable, and the danger to lives and property was very real. But Samsung handled the problem as responsibly as any multinational giant could, made its investigations and remedial steps public, and swallowed losses equal to the complete worth of a few of its competitors.

The newly launched Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are being organized to powerful scrutiny because there’s a bigger void than usual to fill. There is absolutely no doubt an enormous PR cloud over this launch, and we are able to well imagine how careful Samsung has been with the look and manufacturing these new phones. It’s rather a pity, because to frame the existence of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ only as some sort of test that Samsung must pass is always to skip the point of what the unit really achieve. Both of these devices reimagine, from the bottom up, what an Android phone can and really should be.

It’s a problem that might use a little reimagining. A time ago, especially in India, Samsung was synonymous with Android. In the event that you were investing in a luxury phone that wasn’t an iPhone, it had been the existing reigning Galaxy S model – or a Galaxy Note in the event that you wanted to vary. Other options did exist, but mainly on the fringes of the marketplace. However, brand power doesn’t mean as much nowadays, with a large number of companies screaming about low prices and pushing out model after model that look the same.

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ were made to make persons remember why ultra-premium phones exist, also to firmly establish Samsung near the top of the market so far as innovation, design and manufacturing are worried. Very few companies might even attempt to pull something similar to this off – but has Samsung finally were able to out-Apple Apple? We’ve spent plenty of time with the brand new Galaxy S siblings to let you know.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ design
For at least the previous few years, the ultimate goal of smartphone design has gone to turn the complete device right into a touchscreen without borders. Rumours of an all-glass iPhone have already been circulating for some time now, LG is on a single page using its G6, and we got some hands-on time with the beautiful Xiaomi Mi Mix at CES earlier this season. Companies are chasing this dream, but could it be only because they’ve latched onto the theory – exactly like everyone rushed out to create smartwatches when the “iWatch” was still simply a rumour – or will there be any real benefit for customers?

The defining feature of the Galaxy S8 twins is their oversized screens – Infinity Displays, as Samsung is marketing them. Exactly like last year’s Galaxy S7 Edge (Review), the screens on these to curve around the sides making for a border-free look. How these to go further is by extending practically to the very best and bottom of both phones. There’s still about 1cm of space on both sides, but as the earpiece, front camera and sensors could be squeezed in to the top, Samsung made a decision to ditch its branding and the iconic physical Home button on underneath.

With their screens off, both phones look beautifully minimalist. Once you see them, all you have to to do is touch base, touch them, and turn them around in the hands. The amount of polish that Samsung has achieved here’s stunning, and we must say these phones blow even the Jet Black iPhone 7 and 7 Plus away. They just exude luxury.

The glass front and rear both curve at the sides to meet up a metal frame forming an almost correctly continuous surface. Samsung is doing curved glass for multiple generations now, and is indeed confident of the design’s merits that it didn’t even bother generating a set version of the Galaxy S8. Both S8 and the S8+ feel extremely smooth, but somehow Samsung has were able to avoid making them too slippery.

We received a Galaxy S8 in Midnight Black and a Galaxy S8+ in Maple Gold. Both can be purchased in both colours, however the S8+ also gets a special Coral Blue option. Maple Gold is similar to a dual-tone finish with sand-coloured glass on the trunk and a metallic champagne-gold rim. It is not garish at all and also looks quite distinguished, but we recommended the black, which is more monolithic and amplifies the slick, glossy look of leading. Both of these were fingerprint magnets, but that is the price you pay.

The only thing which makes gripping these phones just a little uncertain is their narrow proportions, which takes some used to. Both phones are actually so narrow that the Galaxy S8+ feels normal despite its phablet-sized screen, and small Galaxy S8 feels as though a “mini” variant after using both. We were surprised by how comfortable it had been to hold and utilize the S8. Even with the bigger S8+, it is not terribly difficult to attain all corners of the screen with one thumb – though we definitely wouldn’t recommend doing this when there’s any threat of having someone bump into you.

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