Traeger Grill Review: Should You Consider This Grill?

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Joe Traeger invented this new kind of grill back 1986, plus they remain the most notable selling make of pellet grill even today.

In this detailed guide, we review the very best Traeger pellet grills, explore the distinctions between each option and observe how they build up against the competition.

A fresh Traeger pellet grill is a significant investment, so it’s important that you can do your research prior to deciding to pull the trigger.

Especially in 2019 when there are several brands making excellent quality wood pellet grills.

Understanding the Traeger grill lineup

Searching for a Traeger grill can be quite confusing. With so a long time running a business, you’ve got a whole lot of the latest models of and versions to compare.

Nowadays Traeger produces 4 main lines of pellet grill, and also a couple of other popular models like the Bronson, Renegade Elite and Junior Elite.

It is advisable to decide between purchasing the latest model with all the current latest great features or looking to get a deal on slightly outdated stock.

During writing this Amazon appears to be stocking a couple of the older Traeger Grills, so we’ve put links to the brand new models on

How exactly to understand the Traeger pellet grill lineup

  • Traeger Pro series – The most used mid-range option now includes Wi-Fi connectivity to the Traeger iphone app for all 2019 models.
  • Traeger Ironwood Series – A intensify from the Pro series, offering slightly larger sizes and several funky new tech referred to as DownDraft Exhaust and TRU convection to greatly help optimize cook times. Additionally you get Super Smoke mode, the choice to push a button and crank up the smoke production.
  • Traeger Timberline series – The major & most expensive option, select from 850 or 1300 square inches of cooking space. You get all of the top features of the Ironwood plus pellet sensing tech that enables you to monitor your pellet levels on the app.
  • Traeger Tailgater – As the name implies it is the lightweight model, with 300 sq inches and much less tech.

For all 2019 models, the quantity in Traeger’s product name identifies the cooking surface, therefore the Pro 780 has 780 square inches of cooking surface.

For older models the quantity refers to how big is the key grilling rack. E.g. the Pro Series 34 includes a 34″ x 19″ grilling rack.

That will help you decide which Traeger grills is most beneficial for you, we’ve reviewed our picks to get the best models. This chart can be very helpful for comparing different Traeger models.

Where are Traeger grills made?

According to Traeger, all residential grills have already been made in China since 2008.

Their larger commercial grills remain produced in america.

Some persons have complained about Traeger moving to manufacture their grills in China however the simple fact may be the the greater part of consumer grills are created there.

If buying American made is vital that you you, then you should look at a Yoder pellet grill, although you’ll wrap up paying at least double the purchase price.

Other things to consider when investing in a pellet grill

With so many models and brands available, deciding which model to get can be intimidating.

But locating the best grill is centered on weighing up your preferences. I find it beneficial to look at a few different facets when investing in a new grill.


The Pellet grills we’ve viewed in this guide range between 300 – 1300 square ft. A good way to narrow your search down is to work through how big you intend to go.

Usually the larger you go, the more costly the grill are certain to get. Although a huge grill from a budget brand like Z Grills will still cost a lower amount when compared to a more premium brand like Traeger.

If you go too small you won’t manage to cook enough food to feed your guests. But if you go too large your grill will definitely cost more to perform and you’ll waste some wood pellets.

You also have to consider size of the pellet hopper. The bigger the hopper the more cooking time you get without re-filing it.

My recommendation is to pick a grill slightly bigger than you imagine you’ll need.


Some persons prefer to have all of the latest tech on the grills, while some prefer to invest almost all their budget in a grill that targets superior build quality.

Have a consider which features are nice to have, and which are non-negotiable.

Some typically common features on pellet grills include:

  • WiFi connectivity – Would you like the opportunity to control your wood pellet grill from your own cellular phone?
  • Searing ability – Pellet grills make great smokers and ovens, but can battle to sear. Plenty of manufacturers add a searing attachment, or think of a clever way to attain higher temperatures.
  • Portability – Do you desire a light-weight grill with legs which will fold up ? Consider if you will ever have to take this grill on the highway.


Every factor we’ve discussed contributes to the purchase price. Pellet grills have significantly more tech in them, and generally cost a lot more than other styles of smoker.

I would suggest a starting budget of $400. From there you can go completely up to $2,000 for the major state of the art Traeger.

Traeger Brand History

I always prefer to know a bit about the make of grill I’m buying. And Traeger has quite a fascinating brand story.

Traeger grills was the consequence of Joe Traeger and Jerry Whitfield tinkering with wood pellet burning stoves.

Joe Traeger was the first person to build up the pellet grill in 1985 and he patented it in 1986.

Because of this patent, Traeger had the pellet grill market all to themselves for another twenty years.

Early Traeger grills used a straightforward LMH controller which enables you to select from low, medium and high temperature.

These early models were fairly basic, as the auger timing didn’t enable weather conditions or the quantity of food being cooked.

During this time period Traeger remained a tiny family company based out of Oregon.

When the initial patent expired in 2006, there is a rush of new brands entering the pellet smoker market. By 2014 there have been 27 different companies manufacturing pellet grills.

Jeremy Andrus joined Traeger in 2014 when he acquired the business enterprise in with private equity firm Trilantic Capital Partners and moved the business enterprise to Salt Lake City.

Today Traeger continues to be the most significant manufacturer of pellet grills, selling a lot more than $300 million worth of product each year.

Like any big company, you hear mixed stories in terms of customer support. From digging through the complaints it appears like most of the people object to long wait times to order replacement parts for faulty grills.

Wrapping it up

For many years in the event that you wanted a pellet grill Traeger was the only choice you had.

With the rush of companies entering the marketplace, Traeger has had to earnestly up their game.

With the release of the 2019 lineup of Traeger wood pellet grills, they are actually offering probably the most advanced pellet grills available with regards to technology.

With that said, as a huge company they do spend a whole lot on marketing and you will definitely get value deals on a number of the other brands like Camp Chef or Green Mountain Grills.

We recommend you check around and appearance at a few the latest models of be

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