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So you’re buying a quality ukulele? Well you’ve come to the proper place. This in-depth ukulele buyer’s guide explains different types, brands and types of ukuleles in order to wade through the ocean of choices.

The ukulele first appeared in the 1800s and is continuing to grow more popular recently as a wide selection of artists have added the ukulele sound with their music. It’s an excellent first instrument because it’s relatively simple to learn and play. But if you’re a skilled musician it’s also a terrific way to expand your musical horizons.

If you’re buying a good ukulele, there are a good amount of models to pick from in every different sizes and types, from cheap plastic toy models to expensive wood options. But with all the current options out there, locating the best sounding ukulele could be a challenge.

Whether you are not used to the ukulele or you are a skilled player who is seeking to upgrade your instrument, this article can help you find an ideal ukulele to match both your interest level and budget.

There are various different varieties and sizes of ukuleles from which to choose, and each has its strengths and unique tone. Below is a description of every type of ukulele, and also our top picks for every. Get the best amazing black friday deals and sales for your fav product.

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Soprano Ukuleles

Soprano ukuleles will be the smallest size of ukulele and also have the best pitch. Soprano ukuleles are believed to be the typical size at 20 inches and have a tendency to be what most beginners focus on. Due to its size, the soprano ukulele includes a smaller selection of notes that it could play and it will employ a distinct, happy sound.
Top Pick: Fender U’Uku Soprano Ukulele

A high rated ukulele from Fender? Absolutely! The Fender U’Uku soprano ukulele is a uniquely-styled mahogany uke that has head-turning looks and beautiful sound straight from the iconic guitar maker. U’Uku may be the Hawaiian word for “tiny,” however the tone this little uke generates is anything but.

The solid mahogany body and neck create a very warm, bright and well-balanced tone. The rosewood fingerboard is simple to play and it has accurate intonation along the neck. This ukulele can be very well-made with subtle rock ‘n’ roll styling, and it stays in tune with the very best of these. We wouldn’t expect anything less from a company like Fender.

Concert Ukuleles

Concert ukuleles stand at 23 inches and also have a slightly larger fretboard which makes them easier for a few persons to play. If you’re a beginner, that is a great size to get started on with. Concert ukuleles will often have between 15 and 20 frets and may play a broader selection of notes. The tone is deeper and fuller than soprano ukes, but nonetheless has that signature ukulele sound.

This is among our all-time favorite ukes to recommend. The Cordoba 15CM features mahogany top, back and sides, which give it a uniquely rich and complex tone. This ukulele is totally handmade, the construction is second-to-none, and it offers some features found only on a lot more expensive ukuleles.

The 15CM includes a sleek satin finish, abalone rosette, silver tuners with pearl buttons, and it comes stock with premium Aquila strings. It looks very classy, but nonetheless has that easy classic look that you anticipate from a normal ukulele. This ukulele is a fantastic option for both beginners and experienced players.

Tenor Ukuleles

Tenor ukuleles stand at 26 inches long and so are usually the choice for professional and well-known ukulele players because of their distinctive sound. The tenor typically has between fifteen and twenty frets and includes a wider body, bigger frets and a deeper sound than soprano or concert ukuleles. Tenor ukuleles are specially good for folks with bigger hands or who are transitioning from larger instruments including the guitar.

Baritone Ukuleles

Baritone ukuleles will be the major size of ukulele and will be 30″ plus in scale length. They are tuned differently also – they share the same tuning as the very best four strings of a guitar (DGBE). But, if you like standard ukulele tuning, you can even buy Baritone ukulele strings in GCEA tuning. Baritones are popular among guitarists because they are able to don’t need to learn new chord shapes. Regardless of its larger size and its own guitar tuning, the baritone still has more of a standard ukulele sound when compared to a guitar sound. Baritone ukuleles produce the cheapest tones of all ukuleles.

If you prefer a no-frills tenor ukulele that doesn’t compromise in the musical department, then search no further compared to the Alvarez RU22B. Alvarez makes first class instruments all around, which ukulele is no different.

The all-mahogany construction provides RU22B a deep, complex, woody tone. A hallmark of Alvarez ukes, the smooth-playing neck is mounted on the body by using a traditional dovetail joint for optimal energy and strength transfer. Premium tuners, bone nut and saddle, and rosewood fingerboard trim out this awesome package.


This ukulele buying guide should offer you a good handle on what things to search for and what ukuleles could be the best option for you. The ukuleles we raise your voice here will make an excellent instrument, whether you are picking right up the ukulele for the first time or have already been playing for years.

Ultimately, the target is to find the ukulele this is the right fit for you personally and your lifestyle and can {give you|offer you|present

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