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While Yeti’s hard-sided Tundra Coolers are what made them famous, they have since expanded to a number of other products. This consists of an impressive and verified assortment of soft coolers. Yeti has dubbed the products their “Hopper” Series. As the specific models and selection size is continually being tweaked, taking care of remains the same: The Yeti Hopper is a significant contender in the premium soft cooler race.

In this huge review, we will discuss the many Yeti Hopper models that are out. We will breakdown their features, test their ice retention ability, and determine if they’re a good purchase for you personally.

Yeti Hopper Cooler Lineup

The Yeti Hopper Cooler lineup has evolved a number of times through the years. Yeti will offer you up a specific size of Hopper and remove it from their website their lineup some period later. The entire design and top features of the Hopper also have changed through the entire history of the business.

During this article, Yeti has 5 models from which to choose: The Hopper Flip 8, Hopper Flip 12, Hopper Flip 18, Hopper Two 30, and Hopper Backflip 24. You’ll likely observe that the Flip models derive from the same design as the Backflip 24 and Two 30 involve some additional features that produce them stand out. Furthermore to these, it is pretty simple to still find older editions of the Yeti Hopper like the popular Yeti Hopper 40.

As is typical of all soft-sided coolers available to buy, the quantity designation in the name doesn’t make reference to quarts of storage volume but instead to just how many cans it could hold. For example, the Yeti Flip 12 is advertised to be in a position to hold 12 cans of soda or beer. We’ve gone ahead and converted the inner storage space into quarts in the chart below for your convenience.

As you can tell, there is pretty a variance in both just how many cans of beer and just how many quarts of storage there are. Interestingly, the Hopper Two 30, despite having substantially more internal storage volume, only could muster room for 3 additional beers or 3 more pounds of ice in comparison with the much smaller Backflip 24.

But whichever Hopper model you choose to go with, you will love a very lightweight soft cooler that’s simple to carry while you are in the wild.

Yeti Hopper Cooler Features

The Yeti Hopper has been just about the most popular soft coolers available to buy and its own lineup of features plays a major part for the reason that achievement. We will review a few in this section.

Everything starts with the rugged Dryhide shell that encompasses every Yeti Hopper. This material is Yeti’s special high-density fabric that’s both waterproof along with resistant to mold/mildew. Furthermore, the fabric is incredibly tough and incredibly resistant to scratches and tears. You can toss for this cooler and store virtually any item in it without the worry of scratching or tearing.

Within the cooler bag, you will see equally tough FDA-approved food-grade liner. This signifies that you can put your edible food and drinks inside without worry about them going bad.

In the event that you still have doubts regarding the strength of a Yeti Hopper, simply consider the warranty. Yeti offers a 3-year warrantee on the soft-sided coolers. That is among the longest warranties in the market for soft cooler and it shows us that they understand that their products can last.

Also to keep those items cold, these soft coolers include Coldcell insulation. That is a closed-cell foam that’s inserted among the Dryhide shell and the inner liner. The precise thickness can vary according to the model and which you are considering, but typically it really is around an inch thick.

And the thickest insulation on the globe is useless with out a great seal. That’s where Yeti’s Hydrolok Zipper is necessary. This zipper is waterproof and airtight. Yeti claims that it’s “the toughest, highest-performing waterproof and leakproof cooler zipper on earth.” That is clearly a very bold claim and shows us that Yeti is incredibly confident in the performance of their zippers.

And when you intend to access your placed items, Yeti’s wide mouth opening comes into play handy. That is designed into every soft cooler and it creates accessing items a breeze.

For transporting these cooler bags, you should have multiple carrying options according to which model you go with.

Small Yeti Hopper Flip 8, 12, and 18 models include a shoulder strap furthermore to an overhead carrying handle. Both have a grippy texture on them and are incredibly comfortable to handle. The bigger Backflip 24 eliminates the shoulder strap but nonetheless utilizes the overhead carrying handle.

As for the major model, both 30, the overhead carrying handle has been removed. However in its place are three additional carrying options. You can select from a detachable shoulder strap and three double-stitched handles on the front and sides of the bag.

Finally, all Yeti Hopper models have a Hitchpoint Grid. That is a number of hooks on the facial skin of the cooler which allows you to hold various items such as for example keys, gloves, wallets, and more. Also, they are made to use Yeti’s MOLLE Zinger and MOLLE Bottle Opener.

The only major issue that people have is the insufficient additional storage pockets. Beyond the insulated inner, you won’t find much in the form of additional places to store things.

Yeti Hopper Accessories

Yeti also has a fairly robust lineup of soft cooler accessories. They are additional items that you can purchase which can help customize your soft cooler and make it better-suited for whatever environment that you throw it at.

Probably the most notable Yeti Hopper accessories are the Sidekick dry, Yeti Ice packs, MOLLE bottle opener, and MOLLE Zinger.

The Sidekick Dry is a particular pouch which can be mounted on the medial side of a Yeti Hopper. It really is waterproof and has its zipper, so that it is great for storing items which you don’t need to get wet such as for example keys, wallets, and mobile phones.

Yeti Ice is Yeti’s own proprietary ice pack. It really is engineering to increase cooling performance and is shaped to match comfortably in a number of Yeti coolers (both hard and soft).

The MOLLE Bottle Opener and MOLLE Zinger are created to hang directly from the webbing on the front of your Yeti Hopper. It offers you the capability to add much-desired features (a bottle opener and retractable cord attachment) without creating a whole lot of clutter or taking on valuable storage space.

Yeti Hopper Cooler Ice Life

Yeti is definitely known because of its long-lasting hard-sided ice chests. But have they had the opportunity to bottle up that magic and apply it with their soft-sided products aswell? Some soft coolers won’t have the ice life amounts of a normal hard cooler, you can still enjoy many hours (if not days) of ice retention with the proper product.

Yeti has incorporated various features into its Hopper models to greatly help prolong ice life. This consists of a thick layer of insulation, an airtight zipper, and a design that really helps to maximize the cooling benefits associated with ice. But how does this translate to real-life numbers?

Yeti is pretty quiet in what they believe the ice life is. Even though many other cooler brands will display ice life numbers on the site, we couldn’t find some of this from Yeti. So to greatly help fix this mystery, we made a decision to consider it ourselves.

We put our coolers through our real-life simulations. This consists of filling them up with a satisfactory amount of ice, leaving them outside in heat, and occasionally opening them. The results of our tests is seen in the chart below:

We found the results of the ice tests quite interesting. There is a pretty linear upsurge in ice retention as you increased in cooler size. In comparison to other models available to buy for confirmed size, the Yeti Hoppers performed very well and are near to the top regarding ice life. You can tell that the thick closed-cell insulation is paying down.

Whichever model you go with, you should enjoy at least a day roughly of ice life. This ramps up to an extraordinary 3 days of ice retention in the major model, the Hopper Two 30.

It really is worth noting that people only used ice inside our tests. Yeti sells specialized ice packs that can either replace ice or use together with them. We have within other testing that ice packs provides an extra boost to ice life so for anybody who are trying to find somewhat more “oomph”, consider throwing several ice packs in the cooler bag aswell.

Yeti Hopper Cooler Aesthetics

If you are spending this sort of money on a soft cooler, you not merely want a product that may perform but also the one which looks great. Yeti considered this when making the Hopper models. Their multi-color designs look great and present a much-needed modern touch to these coolers.

Pictures don’t completely do it justice, however the textured look of the outer shell contrasts nicely with the smooth inner liner and nylon straps.

For color choices, you are a lttle bit limited. The most you should have for confirmed model is two colors. These colors are Fog Gray/Tahoe Blue and Field Tan/Blaze Orange. Both colors look great but we do wish that Yeti would expand on the options some.

Also noticeably missing from the lineup are custom colors and soft coolers with team logos. This is one of well known reasons for having Yeti hard-sided coolers and we hope that later on Yeti will consider expanding these with their soft-sided coolers aswell.

Yeti Hopper Cooler Price

Yeti certainly offers up an excellent product that performs well and can last a long time. Unfortunately, this does come at an extremely high price tag. Yeti is historically more often than not at the top regarding costs. Even in comparison to other premium coolers, Yeti more often than not takes a deeper pocketbook.

Because of increased competition, we’ve seen Yeti easing from their asking prices some. There are so a great many other great premium coolers developing available and we assume Yeti began to understand that they had a need to do something to remain on top.

That said, Yeti does carry a prestige that few other cooler brands can match. Running a Yeti Cooler is nearly sort of status symbol plus some persons will pay somewhat extra {t

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